David Aughinbaugh II is EngineMark’s Research Manager. David helps guide the research and selection of topics that are found on the EngineMark site. David is focused on ensuring that EngineMark provides quality information on a wide range of vehicles and equipment. EngineMark covers any piece of equipment that has an engine; however we focus on providing information on cars.

Transportation and David

Mr. Aughinbaugh has been always been fascinated by transportation and cars are an important part of the transportation industry. In addition, David enjoys researching aircraft and the aviation industry.

Aviation Not Covered Here

One type of equipment that is not covered here are airplanes. EngineMark’s partner’s website, FlyRadius, provides information on aircraft and the aviation industry. David Aughinbaugh II is also the Research Strategist and Aviation Analyst for FlyRadius. At FlyRadius you can learn about aircraft in detail. The site has sections on the Bombardier Q400 turboprop and Boeing 717-200 jet. Please visit the site to learn more about aircraft and the information that they provide.

The NavFile Group

EngineMark is part of the NavFile Group, which is a collection of sites that provide information on a variety of topics that most involve business. NavFile is another site that is part of the group. David serves as NavFile’s Research Strategist and Analyst. NavFile focuses on providing information on parks, cities, and business. One of the main parks that is covered on the website, is the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Learn More About David

David also provides services in the real estate and computer technology sectors. To learn more about Mr. David, please visit his website. There you can learn how he can help you with business, computers, real estate, and more.